Faith & Tabitha’s Brave Interview

Each year girls from all over Kenya interview for their chance to receive a Daraja scholarship. In 2021, out of 412 applicants, approximately 150 girls were hand-selected to sit in front of the interview committee to vie for a spot at Daraja. They all demonstrated resilience, intelligence, courage, strength, generosity and optimism. Faith and Tabitha are just two examples of superstars who bravely shared their stories. Sit in the room during their interview to hear about the joys and the challenges that make them who they are today.

Created during my 2021 internship with Daraja Academy in efforts to raise awareness about the student selection process and strength of Daraja girls.

Thanks 2020

The pandemic has brought isolation and heartbreak, but amid the devastation we can find the positive. Thanks 2020 is a visual exploration of gratitude for the good of humanity.

I am honored that “Thanks 2020” won 5th place in the Multimedia Narrative Storytelling Competition at the Hearst Journalism Awards in 2020.

Created during an advanced storytelling class at UNC Chapel Hill that was taught remotely during the height of COVID-19.

How Daraja Girls Celebrate Birthdays

At Daraja, birthdays are celebrated differently. The Daraja girls wash their sisters with river water, mud, dishwater, and flower petals on their birthday to welcome a new year of life. Join the Form 1’s water fun as they celebrate Elsa and Lina’s birthday.

Created for use by Daraja Academy during my time on campus as their communications intern.

Class of 2020 Graduation

Daraja Academy’s Class of 2020 graduated virtually due to constraints imposed by COVID-19. This film celebrates the completion of their time at Daraja Academy.

Created during my time as Daraja Academy’s communication intern in 2021 for use during a live streamed virtual event.

UNC Women’s Rowing Burnout

Katie Bell, a member of the UNC Women’s Rowing team, describes her experience with burnout as a NCAA D1 student-athlete. As a member of UNC’s track and field team, it was an honor to tell Katie’s story as it personally resonated with me.

Created during my first video class as a journalism student UNC-Chapel Hill. I am proud how my technical skills and storytelling have grown since this video, the first I ever created.