We Drove Into a Tree

We Drove Into a Tree

Day 18

Northern California >>> Redwood Forest >>> Oregon Coast

Drive Time: ?

Miles: ?

We continued to drive north to stop and see redwoods. However, the park is very spread out, unlike any other national park. Therefore, when we stopped at the visitor center, rather than receiving suggestions to hike and see the redwoods, they suggested we go visit the Fern Canyon. It was beautiful, ferns covered the steep sides of a creek bed. We enjoyed the short walk through the creek’s clear water.

We headed up north driving on some scenic roads to see more redwoods on our way out. We stopped to drive through a redwood tree, either we wasted $5 or we spent $5 to have a great story, you decide.  

After seeing the last of the redwoods, we continued our long drive up towards Oregon. On both of our bucket lists was watching sunset on the beach, a dream that can’t be accomplished on the east coast, and camping on the beach. We thought has high hopes for a picturesque evening.

However, as we got closer to sunset, the clouds covered the sky and mist began to fall. It was the worst sunset ever as the sun never really set. It also became apparent that we could not camp on the beach wherever we wanted and that it may be too windy to successfully set up a tent in the sand. Our hopes and dreams were crushed. With a low morale, we decided to just continue to drive toward Portland, scouring freecampsites.net for convenient free camping farther north.

To make the evening better, we are almost out of yummy food. For dinner, I ate some Ritz crackers as Michael ate a can of chicken and dry oatmeal.

We arrived at our campsite pretty late and set up our tent quickly at the end of a gravel road, to only be woken up at 2 am. A truck, blasting music came revving it’s engine up the side of the mountain, decided to do some doughnuts in the parking lot we were sleeping in and then proceed to park around 100m down the road from us. They opened and closed their truck doors, revved their engine some more and honestly kept me awake scared some drunk teenagers were going to try and mess with the innocent people in the tent. It wasn’t until the next morning that Michael told me that the reviews for the campsite mentioned that it was a popular spot for teenagers to party.

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