We Bought the Pass

We Bought the Pass

Rocky Mountain National Park

Drive Time: 56 minutes

Miles: 40

Spent the day in Rocky Mountain National Park after buying our National Park Pass.

We hiked 3 miles one-way, 1,100 feet up to summit Dear Mountain at 10,000 feet.

After, we drove around the park, gazing at the breathtaking views of the Rockies and stopped at Glacier Gorge. We hiked to Albert Falls through snow covered and icy trails and concluded our day trip with a short hike around Bear Lake. The views on the trail and around the lake were amazing. We loved hiking through the snow. Michael especially loved to get a small running start and slide over the trail’s downhills, giving me a small heart attack.

Bear Lake

Rather than camping in the park in below freezing temperatures, we decided to make our way back to Ashley’s for the night and plan on returning to Rocky Mountain National Park tomorrow with Ashley.

Stay tuned