“Thank Goodness We Got the Express Pass”

“Thank Goodness We Got the Express Pass”

Day 10

Zion National Park >>> Page, AZ

Drive Time: 3 hours and 14 minutes

Miles: 175

Woke up at 7am to be able to find parking within the park’s boundary rather than having to pay for parking in town and taking a shuttle into the park. Michael ran for the first time this morning, which put him in a super happy mood the rest of the day.

With most of the trails closed, we planned on doing Angels Landing again, goes to show how much we enjoyed it. However, today was the first day of memorial weekend and the park was crowded as ever. In order to control traffic at the top of Angels Landing, the park rangers set up a line at Angel Landings trail head, regulating how many people could enter at once. The ranger estimated that the wait was approximately two hours. So, rather than doing the same hike again, we opted to hike the West Rim Trail, which follows the same trail as Angels Landing except branches off at the chain section. This allowed us to skip the line and also see a new part of the canyon. However, not nearly as cool as Angels Landing.

As we passed the people waiting in line to receive a stamp at the trail head to do Angels Landing, Michael kept turning to me saying, “Thank goodness we got the express pass.” You could see the panic and frustration settle on the people we passed as they clearly regretted not getting the fast pass themselves. Just a little fun on the road that I did not approve of.

Overall, Zion was amazing!! I would return at any point to do the Narrows and some of the other trails that the park had to offer that were closed during our visit this time.

Needing to stock up on PB&J, we stopped at Walmart on our way to our camping spot. We bought a few groceries for the next week and also bought a rotisserie chicken for dinner. We sat in the corner of the Walmart parking lot and pigged out on chicken like we were homeless, only using our hands.

Finally headed to set up our tent, we approached a long bridge on which there were people standing along either side on a sidewalk taking pictures of what was below. I was driving, so I had difficultly fully understanding what everyone was looking at. However, I could see that we were driving atop a deep canyon with a dam on our left. Michael helped fill in the blanks by getting excited about us driving over the Hoover Dam!! While I was excited to be driving over the Hoover Dam, I was also confused: there were no signs identifying the dam as the Hoover Dam. But, I trusted Michael anyway. Only three hours later did Michael tell me that it wasn’t the Hoover Dam as I suspected.

Going on day 5 without showering, so that’s been fun too.

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