Shower? Psych.

Shower? Psych.

Day 15

Yosemite, CA

Drive Time: 5 minutes

Miles: 2

We spent our second day in Yosemite hiking the famous Mist Trail and John Muir to view Nevada Fall and Vernal Fall.

On our way down the trail, people mentioned a bear sighting so a couple in front of us asked if we all wanted to walk together. We ended up walking the entire trail with them, two Australian’s living in Canada on a two year vista named Natalie and Nathan. They were on a road trip across the western US just like us and offered us suggestions on other things to do and see along the way. It was fun to make some friends.

Before ending our day we walked to Mirror Lake, which was rather a let down. Just a typical lake in the valley.

Going on day 11 without a shower and not knowing what our plans were for the coming days, we promised ourselves that we were going to take a shower at Housekeeping Camp. We had called an information desk the day before and they had told us the showers at this particular camp site were free. We packed up what we needed from the car and shuttled our way across the park to the showers. We arrived to find that they costed money and neither of us had our wallet. So we returned to the car smelly and sweaty.

Michael’s back was hurting from sleeping in the car so we decided to drive farther out from the park in order to be able to put up a tent for the night.

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