Rocks, Snow, Sand and now Mud

Rocks, Snow, Sand and now Mud

Day 8

Campsite off Hwy 191, UT >>> Bryce Canyon National Park >>> Sheep Bridge Road, UT

Drive Time: 3 hours 45 minutes

Miles: 249

Woke up and decided it was a pop tart breakfast kinda day as we drove to Bryce Canyon.

We arrived in Bryce Canyon to the worst weather yet, hard snow and freezing temperatures. We took our picture at the national park sign and bought a postcard at the Visitor’s Center, as is tradition (if you can establish a tradition after 8 days haha). 

In order to hike, we needed to park at a trail head with extremely limited parking. Everyone was turning around and being rerouted by park rangers, essentially telling them they were out of luck. However, the park ranger stopped us and directed other cars to pass us as we waited for a car to leave. We got so lucky obtaining the parking spot, it was guaranteed to be a good day, which it was. Bryce Canyon was amazing!

Wearing warm clothes and rain-gear we began the trek down Peek-a-boo trail, a 3 mile loop down the canyon walls and back. The canyon was beautiful, dusted in snow the canyon seemed to descend forever. The trail was covered in unavoidable bright orange mud. We winded through the canyon seeing HooDoos and walking through arches.

The weather changed rapidly as it always seems to do out West. We started in rain-gear and warm clothes hiking through rain/snow, changed to a t-shirt to endure the hot bright sun in the late afternoon and finally transitioned back to rain-gear to trek back up the canyon wall through the snow.

After completing our hike we started our drive to our next campsite near Zion National Park. On the we stopped and bought Jimmy Johns, our first “real” dinner in a while, which was a treat. We splurged even more and bought Frosty’s, our first ice cream stop of the trip (I was impressed that I lasted so long).

We finally found our campsite on Sheep Bridge Road which was rather difficult to get to since it had previously been raining. We are both thankful to the Prius for getting us safely to our campsite and impressing all of the RVs and trucks along the way.