Our Favorite Park

Our Favorite Park

Day 22

Salt Lake City, UT >>> Grand Teton National Park, WY

Drive Time: 5 hours and 4 mintues

Miles: 305

We woke up at 6:45, ran and showered before hitting the road for Grand Teton National Park. On our drive to Grand Teton we passed into Idaho as well as Wyoming. We stopped at the visitor center and they recommended doing a hike around Lake Taggart which seemed like a very fun trip. Upon reaching our destination, Michael and I were stunned with how amazing the views were of the Mountains and the water. We both put our feet in the water but Michael could not resist taking a bath in the crystal clear water. The views were almost as majestic as Michael as he looked like a Bond girl arising from the aqua.

As we were finishing up our hike I yelled “MICHAEL HELP!!” as a fox type looking creature came from around a corner and starting charging us. Michael saved the day by yelling and clapping very loudly as the creature decided Michael and I did not have enough muscle on our bones to make it worth the effort to eat us for dinner.

Upon conclusion of our hike Michael checked the oil in the Prius and discovered that there simply was none. The oil barely read on the dipstick so we were forced to turn around and drive out of the park and into Jackson Wyoming, where everything closes at 6. Speeding, jumping out of the car and yelling “hold the door” as they tried to close for the night, we luckily got into Ace Hardware at 5:59. Upon being the last customers in Ace we could not find the exact oil that needed to go into the car but found a moderation of the proper type that should do the trick.

Michael and I enjoyed a good Wendy’s stop for dinner and went back into Grand Teton to enjoy some more stunning views. On our drive through the park towards Yellowstone the sun was beginning to set, making the mountain views truly breathtaking. The pictures we took will never do our memories justice.

The campsite we were going to stay at was in between Yellowstone and Grand Teton so we left Grand Teton, filling our water jug on the way, and headed for our temporary “home.” As we were driving to the GPS coordinates, we discovered that the road we needed to drive on was closed and had tree branches and a cone laying in the middle of it. Not knowing what to do we decided to head further towards Yellowstone hoping there may be a visitor center with enough service to look up another campsite. When we got to the booth that marks the entrance to Yellowstone, no one was in it and a sign was posted “22 miles until the next visitor center” right next to another sign which highlighted that all campsites were full for the next 78 miles.

Michael and I decided to drive 22 miles into the park in hopes of finding service, only to find that the service was available only to Verizon members and luckily for us we have AT&T. Therefore, Michael and I drove 22 miles directly back out of the park, retracing our steps, at approximately 11p.m. Not knowing what to do we simply put our car in park, I kid you not, 100 yards from the entrance of Yellowstone in a little turnout where there was information to yet again sleep in our mobile vehicle, hoping neither a ranger nor a bear would visit us during the night. About 15 minuets after parking 2 other cars joined directly behind us which made our camp site for the night seem slightly more legitimate.

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