Old Dirty Bastard

Old Dirty Bastard

Day 19

Oregon Coast >>> Portland, OR >>> Snake River Camp

Drive Time: 10 hours

Miles: ?

We arrived in Portland around 1 pm. I dropped Michael off at the Nike Headquarters, right outside the city, for him to complete his run while I bought groceries at Walmart. I bought the typical supplies, PB&J, pop tarts, apples and carrots and then treated us to some Cheetos.

I returned 45 minutes later to the Nike Headquarters to find Michael smiling from ear to ear. Running always puts him in a happy mood but today was particularly intense. Even though he knew I wouldn’t appreciate it, he told me how amazing his run was. He saw Galen Rupp, an American record holder and Olympic silver medalist, Kejelcha, the world record holder in the indoor mile, Michael Norman, a fast 400m guy and NCAA champion, and Alberto Salazar, their coach. As a runner geek, Michael was beyond excited to see them working out on the Nike track and ended up running around the track in lane five taking it all in.

Before leaving Nike Headquarters, I also ran a lap around the track just to say I did as the track is famous in the running community.

We then drove into the heart of Portland to try Voodoo doughnuts. With over fifty specialty doughnut options, deciding which one to get was difficult. I chose the “Old Dirty Bastard” while Michael just ate “Dirt.” They were amazing, we want to commission them to open a store front in Winston but that would only put the Krispy Kreme headquarters out of business.

Having paid for an hour of street parking, we wandered around some more of the city after devouring our donuts and stumbled upon a large street market filled with food, crafts and an assortment of other handmade goods.

We left the city after only a brief stop, not knowing what else to see. On the way out of the city we stopped to admire Multnomah Falls, over 600 feet tall with lots of surrounding tourists. Finally, being just across the river from Washington, we crossed a bridge to step on Washington soil and take a picture with the welcome sign to then immediately return across the bridge to Oregon and continue on our way.

For dinner we lived lavishly, eating canned chicken sandwiches. I opened and drained the canned chicken, opened the head of lettuce and bread, and prepared the sandwiches all while Michael continued to drive. It was quite the cooking experience.

Finally, we pulled off the road at our camping destination around 11 pm. Freecampsites.net reviews mentioned the site being particularly filled with bugs, yet we forgot to proceed with caution. Rather we got ready for bed as normal, opening every car door and pushing things around in the Prius until we could each lean our seats back all the way. It wasn’t until I began taking off my makeup and Michael laid his head down on his pillow that we noticed the swarms of nat-like bugs in our car. Stunned and not knowing what else to do, Michael spent the next 30 minutes killing bugs left and right.

I would always prefer to set up the tent, yet Michael got his way last night as we slept in the Prius voluntarily. He’s right, it is a lot less work.

Stay tuned