No Words Needed

No Words Needed

Day 7

Arches National Park & Canyonlands National Park

Drive Time: 2 hours and 15 minutes

Miles: 87

Successfully woke up at campsite number uno without being attacked by a bear or serial killer. We worked together to take down camp and Michael made us eggs for breakfast on his backcountry stove.

In order to sleep in the warmest place along our route, we were already in Moab, UT and therefore just had to make a short trip to Arches National Park. In Arches we hiked 3 miles roundtrip to Delicate Arch, the arch pictured on the famous Utah license plate. It was gorgeous. It was isolated on the edge of a rock valley acting as a window to see the La Sal mountains nestled in the background. We enjoyed our time at the arch a ton. However, it was the most touristy place we have been yet: the parking lot was crowded, the trail to the top was crowded, the arch itself was crowded. It was very annoying, you couldn’t enjoy the arch without a person standing in the middle of it trying to take a picture or hearing someone yell across the space to their friend. The arch was beautiful but we both enjoy the less touristy spots more.

delicate arch

Before leaving Arches, we spent some time driving around the park, stopping here and there at view points and other various arches. I wish we had more time to explore the park and see the other attractions.

michael w a arch

We spent the second half of the day in Canyonlands National Park, viewing the Mesa Arch and walking along the White Rim Trail. Our time in Canyonlands was beautiful, so beautiful that we walked a lot in silence which gave me time to think. And, we all know that myself and thinking do not go along well, I became upset quickly which made the amazing canyon harder to enjoy.

mesa arch
Mesa Arch
michael jumping in front of bryce canyon
Canyonlands National Park

Michael used yet again to find another perfect place to camp. Unlike the East Coast, out in the west most of the land is federally owned. While it was difficult for me to believe Michael at first, he was right (like he always is haha) and it is easy to find places to camp for free on nationally owned land. Both of the past two nights we have camped in designated campgrounds with a fire pit and neighboring campers. I have felt surprising safe and like we are camping where we are supposed to.


Last night we made some pasta in our small pot, set up camp in very windy weather and had some time to relax before it was dark enough to sleep.

Stay tuned