Nasty Nashville

Nasty Nashville

Winston-Salem, NC >>> Nashville, TN

Day 1

Drive Time: 8 hours

Miles: 450

After only having six miles left until empty in the middle of the Appalachian Mountains, listening to Billie Elliesh while hearing the coins in the side door pocket rattle and failing miserably at eating a muffin while driving, Michael successfully navigated to Uncle John’s house in Nashville without an address!!

Once with Uncle John, we all went walking downtown to see the hodgepodge of saloons and bars. Despite being a Wednesday afternoon, every restaurant was open with country music billowing from every window. The town was the perfect setting for a bachelorette party with alcohol and music at every turn.

So hungry that our stomachs ached and we could barely had the energy to carry on a conversation, we finally ate Pho at a local Vietnamese restaurant for dinner.

Stay tuned