Mt. Dew to the Rescue

Mt. Dew to the Rescue

Day 23

Grand Teton National Park, WY >>> Yellowstone National Park, WY

Drive Time: 20 seconds

Miles: 200 yards

We awoke…not to a roar or a ranger tapping on our window, but rather the sun. Ah how nice. We started our day by driving into the park (only taking us a grand total of 20 seconds) and retracing our steps yet again to get into the park. After visiting the visitor center we went to ole faithful to watch it explode, or rather spew to be more correct. Expecting a giant explosion or a freaking midnight rider type of firework, we were greatly disappointed to instead we watch a smoke bomb. What’s with all the hype?  

Michael did his run, found some cool boardwalks with geothermal pools and reported back to me, which we then walked together to look more closely at the geothermal pools. Yellowstone works differently than most would avid hikers expect, rather than hiking to see cool things, you drive. Thus, the majority of our day was spent sitting in the Prius, what’s new.

The next few stops were all for geothermal baths, looking at the water change color, until we decided to hike two miles roundtrip in bear country to see a petite waterfall. Not only did the waterfall disappoint but so did Michael’s enthusiasm to deter bears, thus I had only my clapping and singing skills to deter the bears for the whole two miles.

We then saw some great geyser basins, the world’s tallest geyser and some buffalo on the road. All was well except we did not have service and had no way to look up where we were going to stay the night, typical. Finally, at 8,000 feet in altitude, we each got half a bar of service (so combined one total bar of service) and were able to call our parents about where to sleep. After talking to them for 30 minutes we had vague ideas where we were going to spend the night, so we finished our circle drive around Yellowstone and headed to set up camp.

As we exited the park, we saw our camping spot where we slept in the car the night before, and about 20 feet later we also saw a sign that said “No camping in turnouts” …oops. We decided to try and see if the road to the camping spot we tried to get to the night before was open and upon our arrival it was!! We only had to drive maybe five miles down the road before finding our best campsite yet! The campsite had a bear box which I was very excited about, as well as a pit toilet, the first camping spot to have either of these amenities on our trip! (which says more about our locations of camping than it does the actual “abundancability” of these spots. We slept like babies that night, all safe and sound with our bear box.

Stay tuned