Insta Live Photoshoot

Insta Live Photoshoot

Day 21

Salt Lake City, UT

Drive Time: –

Miles: –

Hannah took Michael and I to hike Grandeur Peak in Mill Creek Canyon. It was the perfect hike, hard enough for the view to feel rewarding but easy enough that we enjoyed ourselves. Hannah has to highlight her day as a Salt Lake City Fellow on Instagram in the coming week so we staged and filmed videos for her throughout our hike. I thought they were quite comical. Her summiting the mountain to the beat of Eye of the Tiger, doing pullups only to then see her on top of Michael’s shoulders with him doing all of the work and some other quirky and funny videos to spruce up her Instagram day in the life. I was having so much fun on the hike that I unaware of the radiating sun and my shoulder’s paid for it heavily. I am as red as a tomato with a nice razorback sunburn line from my tank top that is likely to never be reversed.

She then took us to the Salt Lake City 2002 winter Olympic museum in Park City.

We returned to Salt Lake to walk around and enjoy Liberty Park for an hour or two. We saw people playing frisbee with their dogs, others rollerblading and some enjoying the bird sanctuary. Michael did some par core in the park (haha).

We then ate dinner at Pulp, a perfect place that served fresh and healthy food, exactly what Michael and I needed, considering out current diet consists almost entirely on packaged food. After dinner, we headed to Last Course for dessert. I failed to recognize all of the exciting ice cream flavors that they had the night before. We tried jalapeno berry and strawberry balsamic ice cream. They were a fun novelty to try and tasted exactly as they sound, believe it or not. But, we settled for caramel Oreo cookie dough and strawberry cheesecake.

After ice cream, we headed to a park with a jazz concert. We expected to listen to a single song, yet ended up staying about an hour as people were swing dancing to the music. Unfortunately, we did not arrive in time for the swing dance lesson. Nevertheless, we tried to convince Hannah to dance with some older bachelor’s, to which she laughed at us and refused.

I have never ridden a lime scooter before so we spent thirty minutes riding in circles. It was such a fun way to waste time and money. We ended at the library and we tried to go to it’s roof garden but we arrived a minute too late. Hannah decided that the roof top garden was special though and tried scheming a way for us to hop a fence to get to the top, but Michael and I weren’t willing to take on the risk of being arrested in the last week of our trip so we talked her down.

We ended the day, yet again in the comfort of Hannah’s apartment.

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