“If you love rocks, then this is the place to be.”

“If you love rocks, then this is the place to be.”

Day 11

Page, AZ >>> Grand Canyon National Park

Drive Time: 2 hours and 22 minutes

Miles: 132

Michael ran to Utah and back this morning before we packed up and drove to the Grand Canyon. We planned on stopping at horseshoe bend on the way to the park only to find out it costed 10 dollars to park, so we decided it wasn’t worth it. Also, disappointed to say we weren’t able to stop at Antelope Canyon because we did not get tickets far enough in advance.

Once in Grand Canyon National Park we hiked the Bright Angel trail down to the mile 3 rest stop. The hike was rather disappointing, we hiked down 2,100 feet in altitude to only turn around and hike right back up every silly switchback, looking at the same view the entire way.

Before we hiked down the trail, the park ranger at the top said, “If you love rocks, then this is the place to be,” which Michael thought was hilarious and is still laughing about it now.

At Walmart, we bought a head of cabbage for $1.29. Afraid it would wilt in the hot car, we packed it along with us. I expected just to carry it along our hike and return it to the car but for lunch Michael took it out and just chomped it down, like it was an apple. After I stopped making fun of him for being a “wild man”, I followed his lead, because it was so fresh it was a surprisingly good snack.

By the time we got back up the trail we were both exhausted and devoured some goldfish on the car ride to our campsite right outside of the park.

We are still confused why anyone would ever pay to camp once learning that you can conveniently camp for free.

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