Got Our Halos Wet

Got Our Halos Wet

Day 9

Zion National Park

Drive Time: 28 minutes

Miles: 17

Michael woke up having nightmares about getting the Prius down the dirt road out of our campsite successfully, but when morning came he did it!!

Zion National Park may have been the prettiest place we’ve seen thus far. However, it is also been the most like a theme park. The visitors center was a complex of buildings, all but one of the trials were paved and in order to get to the trails you were required to park and take a shuttle.

Unfortunately, due to flash floods and speed of the Virgin River (the river that carved out Zion Canyon) a wide variety of trails were closed, including the Narrows and Overlook trails. Despite looming clouds, we decided to tackle the only strenuous hike currently open, Angel’s Landing, and I have no regrets.

A famous hike, everyone in the park wanted to summit at Angel’s Landing, so we followed the crowds. The first two miles were paved and up the canyon walls, we found ourselves switching back and forth and back and forth. On the way up Michael and I were confused and disappointed that the trail was rated strenuous. However, once we reached the top of the switch backs we began to understand why. Holding onto a thick chain, we climbed up the canyon ridge. On each side of the “trail” were thousand feet drop offs. I kept my hand on the chain and my eyes on my feet as I made each step towards the top hesitantly. At first the trail was crowded but as the rain continued to pour and make the rock and chain slippery, the crowds thinned and we were two of 10 remaining hikers on Angels Landing. Unlike most, we successfully made it to the top, hearts pounding. The view was worth every step. Having a 360 view of the canyon you could see the Virgin River on both sides of the peak and the canyon in the distance in all directions. We were on top of the world.

Going back down was just a scary, if not more, as the “path” was slippery and our hands were numb. But we successfully made it down safely and can now say we conquered Angel’s Landing.

We also hiked The Watchmen later in the afternoon which was an easy hike in comparison but did offer pretty views of the canyon.

Ate more pasta and rice for dinner next to our tent, again at Sheeps Bridge Road. 

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