Forever in Kansas

Forever in Kansas

Day 3

Kansas City, KS >>> Boulder, CO

Drive Time: 10 hours

Miles: 600

Today, we drove through Kansas. And it felt like forever. It was flat farm land for as far as the eye could see featuring hundreds, if not thousands, of windmills and cows. Whether we were at mile one in our trip or mile 432, Kansas remained the same with nothing new to distract us from our boredom.

kansas scenery
Multiply this by 210 miles and you have Kansas.

We thought that sure enough when we cross the Kansas/Colorado border we will have made it to a fun new landscape of intimidating mountains. But no, Colorado just looks like more Kansas for at least another two hours, until you finally reach the silhouette of the Rockies.

The snow-capped towering peaks filled Michael and I with wonder for the remaining hour of our drive through the Denver and Boulder traffic.

Once successfully completing our trek across the country, our adventures began by picking up my friend and teammate, Ashley from her internship in Boulder. Ashley is so incredibly kind to allow us to crash at her place for the next few days.

All trip Michael and I have been enjoying the luxuries of our two week break from running, yet as soon as Michael felt the Colorado air and saw the Rocky Mountains he has this energetic need to run. So, following Michael and Ashley, we can successfully say we’ve run at altitude.

We spent the rest of the evening walking the streets of downtown Boulder and exploring the neighborhood park. The park, however, is unlike any Winston-Salem playground. Instead, it is a 400 feet elevation climb to the top of some red rocks from which you can see the world. With that in your backyard, what an incredible place to live??

We finished the day with a deluxe popsicle to celebrate Norway’s Independence Day!!

Stay tuned…tomorrow the adventure gets real