CouchSurfing is Weird. But it’s okay.

CouchSurfing is Weird. But it’s okay.

Day 2

Nashville, TN >>> St. Louis, MO >>> Kansas City, KS

Drive Time: 8 hours

Miles: 557

Who knew you could drive to Greece??

We didn’t until today: made a quick lap around the Parthenon this morning before trying to break in to the Vanderbilt track. Then headed back on the road excited to cross the Mississippi for the first time and see the gateway to the west.

Stopping along the Mississippi River in St. Louis to admire the arch, my only desire was to touch the water. Due to the recent flooding, the river encroached on streets, walkways, statues and parking garages so it was relatively easy to walk to the river side.

the parthenon
michael and i at the st. louis arch

st. louis arch

After about an hour stop in St. Louis, we headed west yet again towards Kansas City. The longer we drove, the more bored we got. It was hard to make it all the way to Kansas City as neither of us are accustomed to such long days of driving.

Homeless for the night in Kansas City, Michael and I gave up all our morals and took a chance on CouchSurfing, a program where supposedly harmless individuals allow you to stay on their couch for free.

We had arranged to meet our CouchSurfing host, Andrew, at what we expected to be an Irish pub. However, we arrived at a small Irish market with eight people playing a variety of string instruments, an accordion and a black flute-lie instrument without keys. There were less customers in the quirky shop than musicians. We stood out like a sore thumb as we were clearly the only guests who did not know a member of the music ensemble.

ruben sandwhich in irish market
Ruben sandwich from Brownes Irish Marketplace

After listening to Irish music for over 45 minutes with Andrew nowhere to be found, we were began to feel stood up. Finally, however, a tall man with a pot belly, beard and glasses walked into the shop.

Andrew was very nice. He also brought along his friend Joshua, who’s company we enjoyed. Both Andrew and Joshua previously worked at an axe throwing arena and when they mentioned it in conversation both Michael and I looked interested so they offered to take us.

We spent the next hour throwing axes at a wood target. One axe. Two axes. One hand. And, two handed. We had such a great time, enjoying something neither one of us would have ever thought to try.

Finally, we headed back to Andrew’s place after a long day, ready to crash on his couch. But, Andrew had another thing in mind. Rather than giving us space to just put on our pjs and go to sleep, he proceeded to psychoanalyze us for the next two hours. He asked us questions like, “what’s your favorite shape?”, “what’s your favorite color and would you wear an outfit completely of that one color?”, and “would you rather be a balloon or a blanket?” Then after we answered the questions he told us what our answers meant. And, surprisingly, he was accurate. We recommended that he should start a physic business.

After two full long days and little sleep, we finally fell peacefully asleep on Andrew’s couch only to wake up to do it all again.

Stay tuned