A Little Taste of Home

A Little Taste of Home

Day 20

Snake River Camp >>> Boise, ID >>> Salt Lake City, UT

Drive Time: 6 hours

Miles: 400

Woke up this morning to a bug coated car. There must be over 3,000 bugs caked to the front of the Prius. We have been through mud, snow and salt to make this car very dirty. Yet, it wasn’t until today that the thought of getting a carwash crossed my mind. It may be a necessary expense. I am embarrassed to be riding in such a car. Maybe their guts will fly off one by one as we continue down the 80 mph highway.

I was disappointed that the timing did not work out to spend the night in Boise, Idaho with my Aunt Bonita, who would have graciously provide us a homecooked meal, shower, warm bed and a roof to sleep under, not to mention a great, fun person to hang out with. Instead, we were able to stop for breakfast. It was great to see her, even if it was for such a short period of time.

We continued our drive to Salt Lake City to stop and see Hannah for the next few days.  

In Salt Lake we did a small hike near Hannah’s home to see the entire city with the mountains as a backdrop. She hikes so incredibly fast up very steep trails, talking all the while. She tired me out almost instantly and I had trouble keeping up. Finally at the top, I thought, “phew, the way down will be easier.” I thought wrong. Hannah takes off, flying (running) down the mountain at top speeds. The amount of energy that she has is mighty impressive.

Hannah had a dinner to go to. So, while she did that Michael ran and I got pizza for dinner. I am so proud of buying a large pizza and cheesy bread from Little Caesar’s for only $3.14, definitely a dinner on budget. I like to take all the credit but they messed up my order and thus gave us the pizza for free.

We showered later that night at Hannah’s place. She warned us that the shower was dirty and man she sure wasn’t lying. Dirt, grunge and grey stuff lined the entire shower. It was hard for me to step into willingly, thankfully the reward of washing my hair was enough of an incentive. Instantly upon turning the water on, the shower floor began to fill with water. No wonder there is so much dirt…the shower doesn’t drain. Worried I was going to slip and fall or get foot fungus I successfully showered and was thankful to Hannah for letting us stay at her place.

After showering, I gave Hannah and Michael some alone time and I went to eat ice cream at Last Course with Lucy, one of my teammates who lives in Salt Lake, and her boyfriend, Jase. It was very yummy.

We ended the night by falling asleep in Hannah and Sarah’s room on our air mattresses, the first night with a roof over our head in a long time.

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