Hi! My name is Madeline.

I am a storyteller, runner and aspiring impact investor. I graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill in May with a degree in economics and journalism, and spent the last six months serving at a secondary school in Kenya as their communications intern. I photographed special moments, produced videos, wrote content for outreach materials and managed communication projects to improve donor relationships and show how secondary education can change a girls’ life. I have highlighted my work for Daraja throughout this portfolio.

Living in Kenya and working for an international nonprofit, reaffirmed my desire to put service at the center of my career. At UNC, I developed my visual communication skills with aspirations to work in the nonprofit sector. I wanted to help nonprofits successfully share their story of impact with society in a meaningful and compelling way, which I was given an opportunity to do at Daraja.

However, while I love the creative process and believe in the power of storytelling, I miss the critical thinking, problem solving and analytical skills that I developed in my economics courses. Therefore, when I recently discovered impact investing–a sector that rests at the intersection between social change and finance–I knew I had found the career of my dreams. Through dedicated self-study, connecting with industry professionals, reading books and learning through the Impact Finance Center’s impact investing fellowship, I aim to prepare myself to enter the impact investing space. 

Despite my career aspiration shift, my communication and storytelling skills are still invaluable, which I hope that this portfolio showcases.